• Over 90% of my clients conceive. So let's get started now. I use Skype to connect with clients outside of the Chicagoland area and meet in person with those who live in the northern suburbs.

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    • Crossing the bridge from trying to conceive to exploring adoption is not easy. In fact, it can be pretty overwhelming, so much so that it may keep you from even taking the first step. Let me take that first step with you.

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    • Jenilyn Gilbert, LCSW has walked this fertility and adoption path both professionally and personally and will join with you on your path to motherhood too.

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    • Contact me today! So we can get started.

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    • Stephanie, public information officer & kickboxing instructor, Columbus, OH

      Stephanie, public information officer & kickboxing instructor, Columbus, OH

      If you’ve been struggling to conceive, Jenilyn Gilbert is the woman for you!  Jenilyn was recommended by a friend and from the first time I heard her sweet, caring voice I knew she was going to be a part of my journey. I had been trying to get pregnant for more than a year, working with doctors for months with no results and getting extremely frustrated. It’s then I decided to try a fertility coach...

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    • Margaret, teacher, Chicago, IL

      “You will all be mothers,” Jenilyn told us, a group of battle fatigued infertile woman, “How you get there might not be the way you imagined it, but you will be mothers.” She said it with such certainty and authority. At the time I had been battling infertility for 6 years and I was extremely skeptical, almost angry that she would say something like that. How could be so sure? I guess I was angry because my hopes had been raised many times by multiple infertility “cures” and I was determined not to be bamboozled again by such claims...


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    • Nadia, at home mom, Brea, CA

      The fertility journey was a tough road for me. I experienced over two years of fertility doctor visits, expensive meds, and endless frustration with “unexplained infertility”. In the end, the doc declared there was nothing more to be done.

      This was when I turned to Jenilyn. What a kind and bright soul she is. She truly understands this crazy journey and guided me out of the dark hole...


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    • Karoline, at home mama, baker, writer, & photographer, www.karolineskitchen.com, Lisle, IL

      Most people don’t have any idea that secondary infertility exists.  When someone has a baby or a young child, the first thing others ask is, “When are you having another?”  If the mother responds that they are struggling to have a second child, the typical response is, “Well, you got pregnant before, why would it be an issue?  Maybe you just need to relax.”  But, secondary infertility is a real thing, and it can be emotionally devastating...


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