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      where you will receive support around your journey to motherhood.

      Does it seem the more you push your way towards your baby, the less success you experience? Even though you have achieved amazing results in your life, this process seems to operate under a different set of rules.

      You may have noticed…

      • You’ve lost your sense of humor
      • You’re frustrated and irritated a lot of the time
      • You feel drained most of the day
      • You’re losing hope of ever becoming a mom (or a mom to more than one child)

      Everywhere else in your life you’ve worked hard to get to your level of success, and yet this baby eludes you. The same skills that helped you achieve your career goals do not apply here, which is incredibly frustrating and confusing.

      Learning to find your inner happiness along the road to your baby may feel like the last thing on your “to do” list, yet that is a key to my clients becoming moms. Know that the same drive and motivation that work in other areas of your life can now be shifted in a harmonious new direction. You don’t have to change who you are at your core. You can use your same strengths but in a new light.

    • Believe Your Baby is on it's Way to You


      This journey to your child is such a complex thing. It is so much more than physical. It is emotional, mental, and spiritual. It involves your finances, your employment, your relationships, and your self-esteem. The journey can be filled with great joy and sometimes loss. Why go through such a journey without a guide?

      Fortunately, there is a more conscious, fun and peaceful way to motherhood. Think of me as your Conception Concierge. Together we will navigate the myriad of choices from holistic fertility techniques to medical interventions to adoption. My goal is to make this journey a lot easier, faster, and far less stressful. Whether you have just started the journey or are down the path, we will start where you are and chart a path to success.

    • Mindfully Becoming a Mother


      Hi, I’m Jenilyn Gilbert, LCSW, mother, author, yoga teacher, and fertility and adoption coach at One Way or A Mother. Since 1999, I have worked in the fields of fertility and adoption and have helped hundreds of women become mothers. Over 90% of my clients go on to conceive and deliver healthy babies.

      To learn more about the mothers I work with, click here.
    • I offer three different packages, where we continue to work together until you get the results you are looking for. The programs are the "Transform Your Fertility" Program, the "Revamp Your Fertility" Program and the "Tune-up Your Fertility" Program.

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    • Jenilyn Gilbert, LCSW has walked this fertility and adoption path both professionally and personally and will join with you on your path to motherhood too.

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      I've written a report called "Four Secrets to Enhancing Your Fertility." These are the approaches I use with all my clients. It will include tips on preparing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies for pregnancy.  Go to the box to the right to sign up.

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    • Read Client Success Stories

    • Stephanie, public information officer & kickboxing instructor, Columbus, OH

      Stephanie, public information officer & kickboxing instructor, Columbus, OH

      If you’ve been struggling to conceive, Jenilyn Gilbert is the woman for you!  Jenilyn was recommended by a friend and from the first time I heard her sweet, caring voice I knew she was going to be a part of my journey. I had been trying to get pregnant for more than a year, working with doctors for months with no results and getting extremely frustrated. It’s then I decided to try a fertility coach...

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    • Margaret, teacher, Chicago, IL

      “You will all be mothers,” Jenilyn told us, a group of battle fatigued infertile woman, “How you get there might not be the way you imagined it, but you will be mothers.” She said it with such certainty and authority. At the time I had been battling infertility for 6 years and I was extremely skeptical, almost angry that she would say something like that. How could be so sure? I guess I was angry because my hopes had been raised many times by multiple infertility “cures” and I was determined not to be bamboozled again by such claims...


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    • Nadia, at home mom, Brea, CA

      The fertility journey was a tough road for me. I experienced over two years of fertility doctor visits, expensive meds, and endless frustration with “unexplained infertility”. In the end, the doc declared there was nothing more to be done.

      This was when I turned to Jenilyn. What a kind and bright soul she is. She truly understands this crazy journey and guided me out of the dark hole...


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    • Karoline, at home mama, baker, writer, & photographer, www.karolineskitchen.com, Lisle, IL

      Most people don’t have any idea that secondary infertility exists.  When someone has a baby or a young child, the first thing others ask is, “When are you having another?”  If the mother responds that they are struggling to have a second child, the typical response is, “Well, you got pregnant before, why would it be an issue?  Maybe you just need to relax.”  But, secondary infertility is a real thing, and it can be emotionally devastating...


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