• Calling All Angels

    I first learned about angels as a small child.  My mother told me that I had two  guardian angels who were there to protect me.  I don’t recall a specific story upon learning about them, as I feel I have always known about them.  They brought me great comfort as I grew up.  I would speak to them, pray to them, and I felt especially supported by them as a pre-teen as my parents were divorcing.  I particularly liked the idea of having a companion and someone watching over me.

    As I moved into adulthood and started teaching yoga, one of the studios I worked at sold angel decks, which are affirming cards that support you on your life’s path.  It was the first time I had seen something like this and I was intrigued.  I learned that picking a card was a way that I could communicate directly with my angels.  Over the years I learned that I could engage with angels through my dreams, meditation, and prayers but I came to realize that picking a card was such an easy, playful and direct way to receive guidance.  

    The angel decks I have chosen are all positive, even if the card says that this is not the best time to move forward, it is said in a very gentle and loving way. Today I have five angel decks, all created by the author and angel healer Doreen Virtue, PhD.  I have used them in my fertility support groups as a way of opening the group discussion and with my private clients as a way of offering guidance and support.  I have also used them in fertility healing exercises, such as healing the loss of a pregnancy or baby.  These cards are really beautiful, uplifting, and encouraging.  

    As my interest continued I learned that there was an energy healing technique that channeled the healing power of angels.  It is called IET, or Integrated Energy Therapy.  In a session I typically ask a client what emotion they have been struggling with the most (a lot of anxiety and depression comes up) or if an organ of the body has been acting up lately (i.e. kidneys with kidney stones).  I then direct my hands around  the areas of the body that need the most attention while the client simply relaxes with her eyes closed.  It’s a lot like reiki, if you have ever received this form of energy healing.  This is ideally done in person, but can also be done long distance as well.

    I am always learning what I can to tap into the power from our angels and a couple of weeks ago Doreen Virtue hosted an online Angel Summit and I learned a few things that I would like to share with you.  The most important idea is that we all have free will, so our angels can't help us if we don't ask for help. So ask!  Even for the most mundane things like parking spaces. One thoughtful tip I learned around calling in your baby is to call on Angel Gabriel for support and healing.  You can simply say a prayer and ask for help.  The other thing I learned, which I had never heard of before, is that there is a group of angels that are specifically designed to support us in our love relationships.  If you are struggling in connecting or communicating with your partner, for example, you can ask your angels of relationship to help guide you to greater intimacy and understanding.  

    The final take away was that it is important to be as neutral as possible when you are picking an angel card.  I remember when I was trying to conceive I was pulling a card daily and they were all pointing me in the direction that I was pregnant, or at least that was how I interpreted them.  I believe that I was coming from a pretty anxious space and I wasn’t neutral at all and I didn’t end up becoming a parent through my own pregnancy.  Now I understand that I was putting my hopes into the cards.  It’s so hard to remain neutral when it’s something you want so badly.  It might be better if you have someone pick a card for you, or pick a card after something that really held your attention in something other than fertility or adoption.  

    To schedule your Integrated Energy Therapy Session schedule a [breakthrough session](http://www.onewayoramother.com/first-appointment/)and be sure to tell me in the notes that you're interested in an IET session.  If we're already working together, just let me know that you want your next session to include IET.

    Doreen recommends the Guardian Angel Deck as a great one to begin with.