• Do you work with women in person or over the phone?

    Both. I offer support in person and over the phone. For clients who wish to meet in person my office studio is in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

    How does the one-on-one work?

    After the 45 minute breakthrough session, we will proceed to develop an Individualized Fertility or Adoption Plan, which will include: a list of fertility and or adoption experts, a safe workout routine, mindful eating techniques and tools to calm the mind.

    Your individualized plan is a work in progress that involves your feedback to make it a customized fit. As I listen to you share your dreams and plans, together we compare options and work on creating action steps toward forming your family. We review what you’ve already tried, what you’d like to continue doing, and then discuss some new ideas.

    What happens after the Individualized Fertility or Adoption Plan is created?

    As your coach we continue to meet weekly, via phone or in person. We review how things are going with your practitioners, classes, meals and exercise programs. I listen to your emotional reactions to the journey and we continually update your plan as needed.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    I am quite certain that you are going to find a lot of value and support in your program experience. If however, this does not feel like a good fit for you, you can cancel up until 24 hours in advance of your second session and request a refund. You get a refund equal to the total, minus the price of one full-priced session.

    Do lifestyle changes really make a difference for fertility?

    Yes. According to the research that Dr. Domar has conducted on women undergoing IVF, psychological distress, particularly depression, can significantly impair a positive pregnancy success rate.

    How does working with you make this journey easier and less stressful?

    Since I have worked in the fields of adoption and fertility for eighteen years and have personal experience in both, I have a broad knowledge base on what to do and what to avoid. I can give you practical short cuts and helpful tips as well as steer you away from time wasting activities. I also create a meditation and/or yoga practice which will help keep you calm and centered. I will help you re-discover your inner truth and help you strengthen and trust in your intuition.

    Many of the great spiritual teachers share that the answers to all of our life decisions are found within. With guidance on listening to the wisdom of the body one discovers what steps to take. It is my belief that each woman who desires to become a mother will become one and that she knows the next step towards her dream. My role is to empower a woman to find her truth and uncover her next step.

    What sort of fertility issues have you worked with in the past?

    I have worked with women who have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, secondary infertility, diminished egg reserve and quality, over or underweight clients and many with unexplained infertility. While there are no guarantees in the fertility field, I have had great success in helping women achieve pregnancy and in adopting. In fact, in one of my fertility meditation classes, twelve out of fifteen women who attended regularly had healthy pregnancies within a year. All of these pregnancies led to healthy deliveries. A few months later, two more also became pregnant. Although most of them were seeing a fertility doctor, some of them had been trying for years without success. The one common element they all shared was attendance in this meditation class.

    Why does your program work for so many women?

    Women are most likely to conceive when their bodies and spirits are in a healthy place and I help them get there. We start by creating your optimal fertile body with yoga and mindful eating practices. Meditation and support help bring emotional support on those days you feel most anxious or depressed. Because you’re in the driver’s seat and listening to your intuition, whether you decide to try conceiving naturally or with the use of doctor’s help, or explore adoption, your body is going to be in the healthiest and most ready place it can be.

    What about confidentiality?

    I recognize that you may have the following: Future plans, dreams, personal and health information and other proprietary information. I will keep confidential what we discuss during our sessions unless doing so would be dangerous to you or someone else, or I am court ordered to release information.

    Have you worked with women who have conceived naturally as well as with women who have used medical interventions?

    Absolutely. I have worked with women who have conceived with or without medical intervention. I have worked with women who have succeeded using IUI, IVF, an egg or sperm donor, a surrogate, and in adoption. Today with so many choices it can be overwhelming to choose which direction to take. The options of infertility treatments can leave one’s head spinning. Even with all the facts in front of you, it still can be a challenge to make such important life decisions. Together we look at all the options. I connect you to the proper resources and to a mama mentor (someone who’s been through a similar journey as yours and is now parenting).

    If I’m not seeing a doctor yet, why should I see you first?

    There is a quote from Abraham Maslow, a widely renowned psychologist which states:

    "I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail."

    There is nothing wrong with seeing a doctor. They have studied for years and many have become experts in their fields. But if you go to a doctor, you will get a medical intervention, you can bet on that. What if all you needed was to reduce your levels of sadness and stress?

    I have developed a large network of practitioners in many fields, from acupuncture specialist, to herbalists, to massage therapists, to nutritionists, to reproductive endocrinologists. I think they can all be helpful. But I encourage my clients to take things one step at a time. Improve your health, calm and center your mind first. Then if and when you choose to go see the doctor, you will be in the best state of mind and body to receive their treatment.

    As an example of how collaboration has worked for my clients; I taught a fertility yoga class with eight students. All were also seeing an acupuncture specialist, who is a colleague of mine. All eight of them conceived.

    How do I reach you to begin?

    Click here to set up a time to talk.

    For questions or concerns email me at jenilyn@onewayoramother.com

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