• Do you feel isolated on your path to motherhood? Your friends, family and co-workers don't seem to be struggling to start their families, and the few fertility challenged friends you do know seem to be several steps ahead of you.


    I've been there and you don't have to do this alone any longer!  You have a unique story to share and I want to hear it. In this breakthrough phone session I will listen to what you have tried and where you would rather be. I will offer some suggestions and share what coaching with me would look like beyond this first call.


    After you make the $25.00 investment for this session, you will receive three choices, choose to return to this website, www.onewayoramother.com and you will automatically be directed to my online calendar where you will be able to choose a date for our 45 minute talk. Feel free to email me any questions at jenilyn@onewayoramother.com


    While you are waiting for our session, find inspiration within my blog posts, Facebook Page and Pinterest (especially the "Sayings" board). I look forward to hearing from you and seeing how I can help.

  • Breakthrough Session