• Although I wish we were meeting under different circumstances, I am so grateful for your trust in my coaching; whether it’s through reading (or listening) to my blog, or you're receiving private coaching or you are a referral source.  You help me to share my heart’s desire of helping women to manifest their dreams of motherhood into reality.

    I fell into this work many years ago at a wedding. I was unhappy at my first job out of graduate school.  I was working at a therapeutic day care center as an educational therapist and was asking my former classmates where I should inquire about work for my next job.  I was attending the wedding of one of my former social work classmates when a former Social Work graduate suggested I apply for work at The Cradle (an adoption agency).  She was leaving to move to Seattle and there was an opening to work with expectant mothers.  I called, interviewed, and got the job.  Although I had cousins who were adopted, I did not have any formal training out of graduate school as they spend very little time talking about adoption in school.  I learned most of what I know through working at The Cradle, attending adoption seminars and reading.  

    It is amazing to me to look back now and see how things have fallen into place for me.  Between working at The Cradle, teaching at holistic fertility centers in the city, and then walking my personal path to parenting I am amazed how my life has unfolded.  I tell you this, dear reader, to say that your story is unfolding.  You are in the thick of it and I know it feels like it's taking forever but you will get to the other side.   

    No matter how big or small our connection is, you have given me the courage to move forward in my own dreams of motherhood.  By showing up, by paying attention, by the stories you share I have been inspired and motivated to keep moving forward too.  There have been times when I felt like throwing in the towel along my journey, but I always thought about moving forward not just for myself but for the team.   

    I am so grateful for the resources you share, your sense of humor, your openness to try some of my “out there” meditations and playful practices.  Some of you have continued to follow my blog even after you no longer needed my services and to you I am also grateful.  Those of you already parenting, anchor our dreams of what hasn’t happened yet.   I am grateful for your loyalty and continued interest.  We obviously touched each other deeply for us to continue this dance together.  Most women move on once they are pregnant or after delivery.  I understand, I am needed in the heart of the crisis and then I am not.  Like an emergency doctor, I come in do my work, and I’m out.  But for those of you who continue to connect, I am so very grateful.  It means so much to me that you read words that may not apply to you anymore directly, but indirectly.  We are always conceiving and birthing new ideas and you understand that my words go beyond a baby.

    I am grateful to those of you who read or listen to my words, for I do spend a lot of time choosing my thoughts, ideas and sentences carefully.  I appreciate that someone is taking this in and hopefully touched in some way by it.  And to my current clients; you are like sisters to me.  I think about you all of the time and I am always sending prayers and positive thoughts your way.  I carry your burdens and worries and send them off to the light to be transformed.  I am so excited to be there when you get the call; either that you are pregnant or you were chosen from an expectant mother.   (At this point my husband, would say this is too schmaltzy.  Oh well, I am pretty sentimental and sensitive and this is coming straight from my heart.)  

    This is obviously my life’s purpose and passion and I am so grateful to everyone who supports me in doing this work; my husband, my family, my coach, my daughter’s caretaker, my referral sources, and all the entities that keep my website, book, and business humming along.  Although I am self-employed, I have so much support seen and unseen.

    I believe in miracles, I believe in surprises and I believe in your dream. Thank you for showing up, even on days you’d rather not and for working so hard for your baby.  The world needs more conscious parents to raise conscious children more than ever.  

    Happy Thanksgiving!