• Mother's Day Again?!

    Whether you are trying to build your family through fertility treatments or adoption, Mother’s Day can be a hard day for some.  Even if you are celebrating with one child and wishing to expand your family further, this day can remind you of your unmet dream.  It can also be challenging if your mother died or she’s alive but your relationship is strained and you feel alone in your desire to become one yourself.  Even if you’re expecting you may be terrified of making it all the way through to delivery with a healthy baby and may be scared about getting too hopeful on Mother’s Day.

    Let’s just say this holiday is loaded!  You may feel alone, angry, or numb.  I understand and the good news is that it’s one day and not a month long celebration.  Thank goodness for this.

    Here’s an idea on how you can best care for yourself this year.  Ask the Universal Mother for help.  Chant the “The Divine Shield Meditation for Protection and Positivity”.  Here is a link so you can see how to sit and hold your hand cupped over your ear, this is to symbolize you listening for the Universal Mother’s response.  [Click here]

    Chant alone or use this version of "Ma" by Guru Ganesha and Snatam Kaur

    I am sending you a big virtual hug as you wait to celebrate.