• Queen for a Day

    As Valentine’s Day fast approaches I suggest that you take some time for self-care this holiday.  Regardless if you are single or married, I invite you to focus on loving yourself first.  Certainly if you do have a partner it is great to focus on treating them to something fun, but this year start by doing a little something for yourself first.  

    This is a good habit to establish whether you are already a mother or a mom in waiting. Taking time to rest and to be nurtured is essential to being a balanced mother.   A woman on a mom’s website that I read recently shared that she receives weekly massages.  This mom said that receiving massages isn’t as much of an indulgence as it is maintenance.  She finds that parenting is hard on her body and this is a way that helps her to keep up with her daughter and makes her a more peaceful and grounded mother.

    For some of you, taking time for yourself feels like an indulgence that you don’t have the time or money for. For you, I recommend that you get creative.  Perhaps it doesn’t have to be more than 15 minutes of your time a day.  Although, it’s interesting how taking time for yourself actually gives you more time.  I find that when I take time for myself, I have more time for other projects.  People I have been meaning to reach out to happen to be taking a yoga class that I’m in or they call me when I have five free minutes.  When I take care of myself, I am in the flow of life and instead of feeling roadblocks showing up everywhere life is easier, my relationships are smoother, and I’m happier.  Instead of arguing with a loved one, I find understanding and compassion and we move through the issue more efficiently and peacefully.  I have found when you love yourself first you have so much more to give to others.  

    Self-care looks different for each of us.  Some of you may enjoy a massage, for others it’s an exercise class, and for some women it may be meeting a friend for tea.  If you’re not in the habit of taking care of yourself, you may be out of touch with what your body or mind finds the most relaxing.  In that case, you may want to explore a few different options to see what feels like the best option.  Self-care doesn’t always mean spending money, by the way.  It can mean taking a walk in nature, spending 5 minutes in silence, or taking a nap.

    Here are some other ideas…check out an art studio, try reiki, get a mani/pedi, sip on a whole cup of tea uninterrupted and that includes leaving your smart phone in another room.  Try a restorative yoga class, or a gong meditation, spend a half a day at a spa or go swimming.  Try a hike in nature or drive to a body of water and listen to the waves.  There are endless ways to treat yourself.  You are a Princess in Waiting and you deserve the gifts that the universe is offering to you as it supports you on your hero’s journey to your unique path to parenthood.