• Screen Detox

    Last week I took myself offline, well not totally…but a lot more than I usually do. If you have been feeling on edge or like there isn’t enough time to finish everything in a day or even if you have been pushing yourself beyond your bedtime, I challenge you to take a week offline too.

    Once again, you may be wondering…um, Jenilyn, isn’t this a fertility/adoption blog? What does giving up my screen time have to do with that? To you, I answer…Stress! You see, stress not only affects some women’s ability to conceive (see research by Alice Domar) but I believe it also makes waiting for an available baby to adopt sometimes unbearable.   When we spend a lot of time online and disconnected from people in the flesh, from some alone time, and cheating ourselves from a good night’s sleep it creates unnecessary tension in our lives.

    By going offline during my downtime, I was so surprised by how much extra time I had to work on projects around the house. I also went to sleep earlier and was much calmer during stressful situations at work and home. I still needed to go online during the week for work, but I cut way back on those little You Tube videos and Netflix binges, and you know what? I had way more time and I felt less tension to get things done. Halfway through my week’s screen detox I did feel some withdrawal symptoms sneaking up on me and I was tempted to watch something, but I got busy on reorganizing my kitchen pantry. This was a project that I kept pushing off. My delaying projects actually created more tension in my body. Each time I walked by my kitchen pantry I felt my body tense up and when I finally had more time to work on it I started to feel relieved.

    Starting was the hardest part, but after five minutes into it, it wasn’t actually that hard. Once I got some momentum I was able to get the whole project done in three days. Now that my pantry is reorganized and repainted I feel great! I was able to really revisit a lot of my belongings and donated boxes of items for others who may need them more than I do. What the heck do I need seven colanders for? I don’t own an Italian restaurant! My screen detox actually led to me to an early start on spring cleaning. Now, when I walk into my pantry I feel inspired, not drained. I feel happy and refreshed. My pantry became my junk drawer, everything got shoved into that room and when I was forced to clean it out I was very intentional about what went back into it.

    If you have something you’d like to give up other than being online, than go for it!   One of the things that makes it hard to start is doing it alone. So, on April 22nd I am hosting a spring yoga workshop from 1-4 PM. We will talk about ways to simplify your life, including lessening screen time, along with yoga, sharing our stories, and using visualization. Visit here for more details. I have three spots left, so let me know asap. We will help you to kick start a detox of screens, sugar or whatever you’re looking to release.