• Three of the Fastest Techniques to De-Stress

    Did you know that it takes 8 hours for the body to calm down after 5 minutes of a stressful situation? I just learned this in a summit about healing migraines and I was floored by the amount of time it takes to re-set the body. Makes you think about having some tools in your back pocket to quickly calm yourself, especially if you are on this journey to your baby. First of all, stress isn’t good for your body especially your fertility. Imagine that you are a zebra trying to get away from a lion, the parts of your body that really kick into gear are your arms and legs, not your reproductive organs. If you’re waiting for a baby through pregnancy or adoption it’s not helpful for the body to be receiving so much cortisol, the stress hormone. Below I mention my fast and favorite calming tools.

    Here are my top three favorite quick responses to calm the nervous system.

    1. Breathe. It seems so simple, and it is. It’s just hard to remember at times. Even as a yoga teacher, I forget to breathe.
    2. Use Bach’s Flower Rescue Remedy. I am very sensitive to sound and my neighbor had a dog that he kept outside for the whole day and he would bark for hours. The second the barking would start my blood pressure would shoot up and I could feel my heart and mind racing. I learned about Rescue Remedy and would immediately place some drops into my water or chew on one of the pastilles and I instantly felt relief. It’s homeopathic and very gentle.
    3. Create an essential oil solution for stress. Place ten drops each of; lavender, bergamot, frankincense and Roman Chamomile, in water into a spray bottle.* I sometimes use this throughout a particularly stressful day. Just a couple of weeks ago we had some water in the basement due to a huge rain storm that hit the area. In-between ringing out towels then placing them into the dryer and running up and down the stairs I would spray myself, my husband and the area we were working on. I was super chill during the entire experience. I think it also affected my mood as I had a pretty positive attitude too, even though I wasn’t able to get any work done that day. I kept thinking about how this wasn’t too bad, compared to some neighbors who had basements that were completely submerged.

    If you’re experiencing big time stress apply all three!


    * Dr. Mariza Snyder shared this on The Women Over 40 Summit.