• I have worked with a variety of women over the years; some of them are married, partnered or single, and some have a child and desire more. They are women who are open to trying to conceive with or without medical intervention and some who are open to exploring donor (egg/sperm/embryo), surrogacy or adoption. The one word they all would use to describe themselves is spiritual.

    I have worked with women from a variety of different backgrounds and countries. Below are some of the qualities they share with one another.

    • They are women who are interested in being mindful people and parents. They have always wanted to start or already have an ongoing meditation or yoga practice.
    • They are women who understand that parenting a child won’t bring them happiness; they must find that in themselves first.
    • They are women who have worked hard for their livelihood and have been applying the same driven qualities to their fertility and/or adoption efforts but find that it’s not working and are open to trying a different approach.
    • They are sometimes very private people (or their spouse/partner is) and therefore family and friends do not know of their struggles to create a family and I am often one of the only people who know what is going on.
    • They are often interested and/or practicing health conscious behaviors such as; receiving massages, buying organic foods or using eco-friendly products.
    • They are highly sensitive people who feel deeply, are intuitive and sometimes take on other people’s feelings often to their detriment.
    • They believe in reaching for joy even when life can be challenging.
    • Deep down they believe that the right child is coming to them (and so does their coach)!

    If you can relate to some or all of these qualities then there is a good chance I can help you o conceive.  Read some of the real success stories of some of my past clients here.